chicken salad

Antipasto Hearts of Lettuce, Ham, Genoa Salami, Provolone Cheese, Olives, Anchovies and Giardineria   11.99

Dinner Salad  Lettuce, Tomato, Onions, Olives and Pepperoncini   6.99

Tuna Salad   11.99

Caesar Salad   7.99

Chicken Cutlet Salad   11.99

Philly Steak Salad with Cheese   11.99

Buffalo Chicken Steak Salad with Cheese   12.99

Philly Chicken Steak Salad with Cheese   11.99

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad with Cheese   11.99

Dressing Choices: French, Creamy Italian, Balsamic, Ranch, Oil & Vinegar, Bleu Cheese OR Honey Mustard